Quad bikes

The quad bike not only gives you the opportunity to feel adrenaline level rising in your blood, but also to feel yourself a real racer while overcoming unusual tracks. Riding a quad bike is a great experience regardless of whether you’re a fan of the sport or just a beginner.

A quad bike is an all-terrain vehicle that can overcome any obstacle.

If you are confident about your strength and have wanted to get new experiences for a long time, try a ride on a professional quad bike. It is a completely safe kind of entertainment, since firstly, on a mandatory basis, you are getting guidance and all the necessary equipment for protection, including a helmet, is given to everybody wishing to have a ride on a quad bike. If you ride for the first time, you will go through a special route with an easier track. If such a ride is not for the first time, and you are in search of thrills, there are more complex and interesting tracks for you. The routes for quad bike riding are specially selected taking into account the complexity of tracks and duration of the journey.

You can ride a quad bike not only yourself or with an instructor, but in the company of friends, which will definitely add more interest and bright impressions to your recreation. Riding a quad bike is a great opportunity for you to discover something new.

Price: 1 hour – 800 UAH (with an instructor)

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