Honey is a natural product, irreplaceable in its qualities. It holds the first place among all medicine that nature gives us with flowers and herbs. Honey contains almost all the minerals necessary for functioning of the human body. The honey of high mountains has a special value.

Just for you we have created our own apiary, which is located in ecologically clean mountain zone of the Ukrainian Carpathians, in the Transcarpathian region. It fully absorbed the healing properties of the unique plant world of the forest Carpathians with their pine and beech woods, blue grasslands, fresh springs, mineral pools and the intoxicating fresh mountain air for your vacation in the Carpathians. While studying bees and the action of bee products, scientists have discovered a miraculous effect of Royal jelly, propolis, wax, bee pollen in the form of bee stinging, bee venom on the human body.

And for those who wish to create their own apiary or to open a business of their own, a beekeeper with 20 years of experience will reveal his secrets of success: how to become a professional and be able to maintain and manage up to 500 hives on your own and obtain not only pleasure from it, but also profit!

Our resort offers you such a service as «bench on the hives» – a method of therapeutic contact of human with bees based on clearing a human’s energy field from the layers of negative energy, removing energy blocks and clamps which cause diseases of the physical body.

Physical impact:

— relieves fatigue
— improves sleep
— harmonizes and improves the work of brain
— increases the level of physical energy and concentration
— helps get rid of overweight
— relieves back pain, arthritis, migraines

Psychological impact:

— restores the human biofield
— helps with depression and anxiety
— helps to get rid of fears
— develops a deep contact with yourself
— develops creativity, creates space for creative solutions to any task
— sharpens your senses (life is perceived brighter)
— deepens meditation

Medical impact:

— strengthens the immune system
— decreases the production of stress hormones – cortisol and adrenaline, and increases the production of endorphins – hormones of happiness
— improves physical shape, lowers blood pressure, normalizes heart rate

Audience: everybody without exception
Contraindications: allergy to bees

Tour to the apiary: 50 UAH per person
Bench: 30 min – 25 UAH, night – 600 UAH

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