Time stops when you’re waiting for their prey with a fishing rod. Oh, how nice it is finally to feel the bite and see your trophy on the hook… This feeling can be compared to when you sit and wait for a miracle…and here it is, in front of your eyes, shining with silver back and slapping the water.

Those who have already caught trout even once, don’t need any advertisement of this exciting activity. To those who will set about this exciting entertainment for the first time, a short story about the «magic fish» called «trout» is dedicated!

Trout, a very whimsy and neat fish, loves only clean and cool water, with a temperature not exceeding 20 degrees. Besides, it also can jump up to 2 meters, and its speed reaches 30 km/h and more.

This is how interesting it is, this fish. A little bit of patience and you will get not only memories and adrenaline buzz as a reward, but also an extremely delicious lunch, as there is nothing better than char-grilled steak made from aromatic meat of a freshly caught trout, which will be expertly cooked by the chef of our restaurant.

Well, would you take a fishing rod on your shoulder and go for prey?

Price: 250 UAH/kg

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