Bicycle tours

A bicycle is not just a convenient vehicle but also a source of incredible experiences, adventure and romance, which will become a good attribute of your recreation in the Carpathians.

We offer services of an instructor-guide

Our instructor will teach you:
— how to ride a bike properly
— how to ride a bike to lose weight
— how to get a lot of pleasure and benefit from riding

Shypit waterfall

Easy route with an instructor to the most beautiful waterfall of Transcarpathia (14m).
Duration: 3 hours.
Length: about 20 km both ways

To “Valylo”

Lifting on the chair lift, riding down the ridge, searching for “goodies” – rhinestone, strawberry, and whatever you’ll be lucky to find.
Breathtaking downhill with the subsequent arrival in Bukovets village with a tour to the “Entry of the Most Holy Virgin” Church, 1808 and an original “washing machine” – “Valylo”;

Return to Izki with a tour to the St. Nicholas Church, 1798.
Duration: 2.5 hours.

Distance: 15+ km.

To «Plein air to the mountain lake»

Medium difficulty route to a lake deep in the forest in the mountains behind Studene village.

— Entry into the Carpathian “backwoods”
— The mysterious Mother of God
— Charms of a forest walk
— Bathing in the “raft + water” format
— Preparing of a “snack” on the grill (the food needs to be bought on your own cost and taken beforehand)
— “Sitting on the back” relaxation

Duration: 4+ hours
Distance: 30+ km (part of the walk will be on foot)

“But there is no beauty more beautiful in the world than the beauty of hot metal!”

A guest visit to the forge in Richka village + “The spring of power”, mineral water “not for everyone” + local color + revelation “why do we need a blacksmith?” + dancing with sledgehammer + “an endless tea party” + river bathing

Duration: 3+ hours
Distance: 20+ km

Bicycle rent: 150 UAH/whole day

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