Field trips

Lake Synevyr

Lake Synevyr is the largest and one of the most beautiful mountain lakes in Carpathians. It is also called “The Sea Eye” and “The pearl of the Carpathians”. The legendary lake of an amazing beauty is located in a reservation area at the altitude of 1500 meters above sea level. The lake is surrounded by centuries-old beeches and firs. The water in the lake is so clean that you can see the bottom. The air here is fresh and light, as nowhere else, and filled with the scent of pine needles.

Departure for the excursion at 10:00

— a visit to lake Synevyr — «The Sea Eye» (one of the 7 natural wonders of Ukraine)
— excursion to the trout farm
— a stop near two springs of mineral water
— a stop at the Synevyr pass to take photos and admire panoramic views

After visiting the pearl of the Carpathians, you’ll have only positive impressions left and will have a desire to come here again!

Duration: up to 5 hours;
Price: adults 150 UAH, children 80 UAH

Shypit Waterfall 

One of the seven natural wonders of Ukraine is the most beautiful waterfall in Transcarpathia, situated on the Northern slopes of the Borzhava valleys’ mountain range, at the foot of mount Hymba in Pylypets village, which is in Mizhgirya region.

The waterfall captivates everyone with its extraordinary natural beauty. From an underground spring on the mountain Velyky Verkh (1598 m) a small stream Ploshanka starts its way down the picturesque ravine. Its waters are fresh and cool. Falling down in the numerous picturesque cascades from 14-meters height, crystal clear water breaks against the rocks, forming a myriad of diamond droplets that shimmer with amazing colors in the rays of Carpathian sun.

Thousands of tourists come to look at this natural beauty. The waterfall is beautiful at any time of the year. In summer, in the driest times, the waterfall is a small stream cascading across several rock ledges. In winter it partially freezes, forming interesting shapes. And most of all it attracts in the spring when the snow melts, and in autumn, in the period of heavy rains.

Duration: up to 4 hours;
Price adults 100 UAH, children 50 UAH

IZA (Hust)

Iza, without exaggeration, is the modern capital of Transcarpathian souvenirs and items of mass consumption made of vine.

Departure for the excursion at 10:00

— excursion to Iza village. Iza is the modern capital of Transcarpathian souvenirs and items of mass consumption made of vine;
— reserve with deer;
— ostrich farm
— excursion to Iza village, the main street of which (7 km) is similar to an exhibition hall. Along the street, at the gate, there are rows of woven items: hats, baskets, chairs and various souvenirs, and much more…

Return at 18.00.
Duration: full day;
Price: adults 200 UAH, children 100 UAH

Thermal waters in Kosino/Beregovo

Do you want to become a foreigner without crossing borders, customs, visas? Then we offer you to visit the town in Transcarpathia – Beregovo, or Beregszasz, as the local people call it; besides its Hungarian flavor, this place is famous for its thermal baths and wine cellars.

Departure for the excursion at 10:00

— a tour to the city of Beregovo
— thermal springs in Beregovo
— tasting of Transcarpathian wines and visits to wine cellars

Arrival till 19.00.
Duration: whole day;
Price: adults 270 UAH, children 140 UAH


The city of Uzhgorod is a pearl in the necklace of Ukraine. The identity of Uzhgorod … it is the music of the streets, the uniqueness of the architecture and small details: stained glass, advertising signs, fretwork or delicate forged iron decorations… All this creates the uniqueness of the urban ensemble. A fascinating walk through the historic center of Uzhgorod will enchant you with its beauty and will not leave anyone indifferent.

Departure for the excursion at 10:00

— sightseeing tour through Uzhgorod
— visit of Uzhgorod Castle
— excursion to the open air museum «Old village»
—  wine tasting in the cellars in Serednye village

Return at 20:00.
Duration: whole day;
Price: adults 250 UAH, children 125 UAH


A sightseeing excursion in Mukachevo. Mukachevo is an ancient city above the Latoritsa river. It has achieved the city status in the 14th century. You will be strolling through the colorful streets, which resemble a fairy-tale town.

Departure for the excursion at 09:00

— a sightseeing tour through Mukachevo
— the castle «Palanok»
— the Saint-Mykolaivsky monastery in Mukachevo
— museum / reserve «Honey house»

Return at 20:00.
Duration: whole day;
Price: adults 240 UAH, 120 children UAH

Museums of Kolochava

10 museums and 20 sites. Visit of the open air Museum “Old Village”, contemplation of unique monuments of the village.

Duration: up to 5 hours;
Price: adult 150 UAH, children 80 UAH

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