Vacation in mountains is exactly the thing you should make up your mind for. You can and should organize your departures from the city not only to the sea or lake, but to the mountains too. Thanks to that we are able not only to take a rest, but also spend some time with our close ones. Carpathians are a place where everyone can find something for himself or herself. There you can not only lie around in a hammock but spend your time actively. Mountains give us surprisingly a lot of opportunities and pleasure. Nowhere else we can get such a great contact with nature and avoid the crowds. Visiting mountain areas is also a perfect solution for those who would like to relax and at the same time to take an opportunity to improve your physical fit.

Why you should go to the mountains

The mountains are a place where you can take a rest during your yearly vacation, as well as to go there on weekend or on long holidays. So what to do in the Carpathians? For opponents of active recreation, who can’t afford extra strain on the body for various reasons, the best option would be hiking in national parks scattered throughout the territory of the Carpathians.

Thanks to such tours you can not only breathe with fresh mountain air and enjoy a variety of magnificent mountain landscapes. If you are a fan of this form of recreation, it would be the best to visit the mountains during warm months. Then you will see all the blooming plants, and also animals which don’t hide from the frost. The mountains also possess an undoubted charm in the winter, so if you are not afraid of freezing temperatures, there is an opportunity to see a beautiful and very picturesque scenery.

Leisure and recreation

If you love active kinds of leisure, then the Carpathians will provide a wide range of possibilities for you. In addition to the previously mentioned walks that can be planned on a more complex and long tracks, it is possible to taste all the delights and difficulties of mountain climbing. This kind of recreation requires a very good physical shape, but is also an excellent game.

In turn, fans of white down will certainly be happy with differentiated tracks, the number of which has increasingly grown in the Carpathians in recent years. In addition, mountain tourism also covers kayaking, paragliding or cycling. All these kinds of entertainment attract more and more people from year to year. Ukrainian Carpathians become a perfect place for the whole family as everyone will find there something that would strike his or her fancy.

How to choose a good mountain resort?

First of all, you need to look for information on the Internet. Many hotels advertise their services there and, if possible, you can even make hotel reservations via Internet and see the prices. This will be especially important if the trip coincides with the most frequently visited season – summer or winter.

To have a good rest, it is worth to foresee every little thing. When booking remember that you need to determine the exact type of the room – as it may be that instead of two large separate beds you will get one double. Early reservation of accommodation will give confidence that half of the vacation won’t be spent in search of vacant rooms. Some sympathizers of mountain recreation decide to wait through the holiday period, so they get out to the Carpathian Mountains in September or even October. The weather is still warm but not so hot, and there are much less people.

Mountains against stress

If you want your visit into mountains to be successful, it will be useful to plan it beforehand.

There’s nothing worse than sitting in a hotel room and think about what to do today. So find out about all the available entertainment, museums and parks in advance. If you have the work schedule of all the attractions on hand, you certainly won’t have to waste your time and be angry standing in queues. You probably should also leave one or two free days for yourself to spend them on spontaneous walks or meetings with friends.

Active outdoor mountain sports bind to specific expenses, sacrifice and certain consequences. For certain types of keenness, they are minimal, but if we are talking about more extreme activities, then all these factors will automatically increase.

Most people go to the mountains to walk around, visit national parks and take pictures. This method of relaxation doesn’t lead to large expenses. To have a good time, you don’t need special skills. As for equipment, first of all, you should have good shoes and a jacket. Some buy other accessories too, but this is not necessary. It turns out that the amount of money spent is minimal, and the same applies to special skills: they are not needed. It all depends on the selected track, so people whose physical shape is not very good shouldn’t take difficult and long tracks. This way of spending time can be called safe up to a certain level. If we go only for some specific roads, don’t turn aside from them and control the weather constantly, the risk of a particular problem is minimal.

In turn, a skier or a climber is initially more prone to risk, so they should have proper equipment and right clothes.

Here you’ll have to spend more money than in the previous case. Moreover, it must be noted that this sport is traumatic, especially if the track is used by a large number of people. A kind of sport that often causes trauma is also mountain climbing. You need a good physical shape, equipment and clothing, but above all, experience and skills.

How to prepare for a trip to the mountains

Very often we hear news about tourists who got lost in the mountains because they’ve turned aside from a certain route or were overtaken by bad weather. In the mountains, above all, common sense and a few simple rules that can help you avoid unpleasant situations and sometimes even the ones that are dangerous for life and health, are important. People most frequently exposed to danger are those who overestimate their abilities and go on a difficult track unprepared.

And the key to safe recreation in the mountains is good equipment and experience. Before going on a tour, you should visit a sports store.

There you need to choose special jackets, pants and, above all, proper mountain boots. These elements are the basic equipment of every fan of mountain tourism. It would be also good to buy a special backpack. Now you can easily find not only spacious models, but also very convenient options, thanks to which you will avoid back pain. You can also buy sunglasses, gloves or special thermal underwear.

If you plan to go to the track just for a couple of hours, it’s better not take all the equipment. However, if you want to spend much more time on the track, the provision of various types of equipment will be needed, e.g., lights, helmet, sticks for walking, spikes on shoes, and more. When choosing clothes, remember that they shouldn’t fetter the movements, but at the same time shouldn’t be too large. Also focus on technical materials will be a good selection, as they are designed to provide good air circulation and to divert the sweat to the outside, not making the body overcooled. Shoes should also be well-fit and worn out, so it is worth to test them at home or on the street before using in the mountains – this will help to avoid painful blisters and rubs.

How not to forget about something

Fans of the mountains think about how they will spend their vacation long before start of the season. Before going into the mountains you should pay attention to a few important points, inattention to which may have quite unpleasant consequences. Experienced experts who visit the mountains regularly usually keep stocked a whole set of equipment that may come in handy during a hike. Depending on the chosen activity, it could be skiing or mountaineering equipment. Before leaving you should check the integrity of all equipment and make sure nothing was damaged during the last outing. It is advisable to check for any holes, gaps or rubs. If last year you felt too cold in your clothes, you need to buy a warm jacket, or decide in favor of thermal underwear.

If the weather has abruptly changed 

It is very dangerous to be in the mountains during a storm, and it is not always possible to find shelter in a matter of minutes. Wet clothes are the last thing you should be concerned about. Strong winds high in the mountains can cause stone avalanches. Storm can be dangerous if time between the lightning and thunder is less than 5-15 seconds. This means that the lightning had struck closer than 2-5 km away from you.

In such cases it is necessary to act decisively:

– Go down as low as possible;

– Don’t lie on the ground and stones, because the body is subjected to the voltage in a horizontal position;

– Isolate yourself from the ground, it is best to sit on the backpack or the caremat. It will protect you from being struck with an electric charge that disperses on the ground from a lightning strike;

– Sit with your legs shut;

– Avoid recesses and craters;

– If there are many people, don’t gather in a large group, disperse around the territory;

– Turn off mobile phones, because they create an electromagnetic field because of which it is easier for lightning to pass through air ionization;

– Don’t hide under single-standing trees;

– Don’t lean on trees even in the forest;

– Avoid intensive movement in open areas, as it conduces to the change in the electric field, i.e., “attracts” lightning;

– If possible, you can hide inside a ropeway cabin or on a stirrup chair. They are able to withstand the load, even if hit by lightning. The danger is present only at the moment when the person has already sat on a chair or in a cabin, but didn’t take his or her feet off the ground;

– In any case don’t stand near the pillars of the ropeway, they attract millions of volts during a lightning strike.

A step ahead

While hiking in the mountains, at least one person from your group must bring a first aid kit. The mountains are beautiful, but very unpredictable by their nature. It is quite easy to be hurt on the mountain paths. Even a regular scratch could complicate the descent without assistance. A small bottle of disinfectant and a bandage, which can be hidden even in a pocket, are a minimum on the one hand, but on the other hand, these may be exactly what you will need. If the damage appears to be severe, do not delay and seek help immediately. If you ask phone numbers of rescue rangers in this region in advance, you can save someone’s life. Thanks to these simple tips your staying in the Carpathians will be very successful.