Bathing in the tub with mineral water.

Temperature: 40-45 C

Due to the special form of the bath-tub and its mass, the heat which is accumulated when the water warms up is transferred to the body evenly, it warms all internal organs and enhances the effect of bathing in mineral water.

The bath-tub is located in the Carpathian Mountains in open air, it is filled with cold mineral water take from a natural spring. The water is heated on an open fire.

The bath-tub in Izki is special!

Due to the presence of glycerin in the mineral water of Izki, the skin is moisturized and softened well, it becomes smooth and elastic. After your recreation in the Carpathians you’ll feel young and healthy.

How to take bath properly?

You need to take a break during bathing every 15 minutes, getting out of the bath-tub, relaxing and drying yourself with snow.

1 hour – 300 UAH
2 hours – 450 UAH
3 hours – 600 UAH

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